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Sales Progression ... agreeing a sale is just the beginning...

When we negotiate a great sale it’s just the beginning. Of equal importance is ensuring your sale proceeds smoothly and that you are kept informed every step of the way. This technical aspect of our work is fundamental to your prospects of moving successfully and smoothly. For this reason we partner with ASAP, specialists in sales progression.

When your sale is agreed it will be overseen by your personal Sales Progressor who will be responsible for keeping a close eye on your sale, the chain, solicitors progress, buyers mortgage progress and chain progress. Most importantly you will be informed of progress every step of the way with regular emails and access to an online portal.

ASAP’s team understanding of property law, the ability to communicate with lawyers, buyers and sellers effectively and deliver a high level of administration are skills they possess.

All of ASAP’s Sales Progression staff have considerable experience working within the property market and are entirely familiar with the house buying and selling process and are quick to identify potential delays and ways to deal with them to speed up the transaction. So much so, that they can speed up transactions by up to 8 weeks compared to the industry average.

As such our ‘fall through’ rate is so much lower than what is considered normal (by up to 20%). This is particularly important once you have started paying out for things like solicitors, surveys, searches, valuations and so on. A failed sale is a terrible waste of money and a cause of unnecessary stress and worry.

Sadly this is commonly overlooked by many estate agents - especially those who charge low fees and are unable to provide this essential service.

  • Your own personal sales progressor.
  • Highly experienced team.
  • These team members are not distracted by any other agency work such as viewings, advertising, valuations, registering buyers etc etc.
  • Less stress, worry and ‘fall throughs’ saving you ££££’s.