Landlord Schedule of Fees

Commission Fees and Charges

Tenant Find Only Service                   Sole Agency                  1st Months Rent incl. VAT (minimum £720 incl. VAT)
                                                                   Multiple Agency                 1.5 Times Monthly Rent (minimum  £900 incl. VAT)

Tenant Find &                                    Tenant Find Fee                 ½ First Months Rent plus VAT  (minimum £540  incl. VAT)
Rent Collection Service                Rent Collection                 10.0 % incl. VAT of rent received

Property Management Service    Tenant Find Fee            ½ First Months Rent  (minimum £540  incl. VAT) 
                                                           Property Management          12.0% incl. VAT of rent received

HMO Management Service            Tenant Find Fee           ½ First Months Rent (minimum £540  incl. VAT)
                                                                  HMO Management           14.0 % incl. VAT of rent received

Rent Guarantee & Legal Protection Insurance (optional)                         2.0% incl. VAT of the Annual Rent

Premium Marketing (Optional)                                                                                  £160  incl. VAT
(Floor Plans / Virtual Property Tours / Social Media)

Inventory Preparation (Optional)                        Studio / 1 Bedroom  £130 (Unfurnished) / £150 (Furnished)
                                                                                                                   2 Bedrooms  £150 (Unfurnished) / £175 (Furnished)
                                                                                                                   3 Bedrooms  £175 (Unfurnished) / £215 (Furnished)
                                                                                                                   4 Bedrooms  £200 (Unfurnished / £250 (Furnished)
                                                                                                                   5 Bedrooms  £300 (Unfurnished) / £350 (Furnished)

Property Check-In Appointment (Optional)                                                       £120 incl. VAT

Property Check-Out Appointment (Optional)
                                      Tenant Find Only / Rent Collection Service                  £240 incl. VAT
                                      Full Management Service                                                         £180 incl. VAT

Landlord withdrawal from an Agreed Offer (where references passed)    £300  incl. VAT

Preparation of a Tenancy Renewal Agreement for the Tenancy
                                      Tenant Find Only Service                                                         £192 incl. VAT
                                      Rent Collection / Full Management Service                  £144 incl. VAT

Serving of Section 21 Notice or Section 8 Notice                                               £60 incl. VAT

Serving of Section 13 Notice of Rent Increase                                                      £60 incl. VAT

Serving of Non-Housing Act Notices                                                                          £60 incl. VAT

Safety and Compliance Fees for Tenant Find Only & Rent Collection Services (does not include contractors invoice)
                  • Arranging Landlords Gas Safety Inspection                                     £48 incl. VAT
                  • Arranging Electrical Safety Inspection                                                £48 incl. VAT
                  • Arranging installation of Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Alarms         £48 incl. VAT
                  • Arranging Energy Performance Certificate                                     £48 incl. VAT
                  • Provision of Legionella Risk Assessment                                        £120 incl. VAT

Consultancy for the following:
                  • additional visits to a Property;                                                                  £96 incl. VAT *
                  • waiting time at the Property;                                                                     £96 incl. VAT per hour *
                  • having extra sets of keys cut;                                                                    £48 incl. VAT *
                  • arranging cleaning / gardening at start of a Tenancy;                £48 incl. VAT 

Vacant Property Inspection during a void period (per visit)                         £96 incl. VAT *

Refurbishment / Vacant Property works                                                   12% incl. VAT of cost (subject to minimum fee £48 inc VAT)
(for overseeing all work exceeding £1000 during tenancies & all work including payment of utilities & council tax during void periods)

Fair Rent Application
                  • First Application for New Registration                                      £300.00 incl. VAT
                  • Renewal Application                                                                            £200.00 incl. VAT
                 • Attending Property Visit with Rent Office or Pre-Assessment       £96.00 incl. VAT *

               • Arrangement of NRL Certificate (Rent Collection / Full Management)      Free of charge
               • Retention for a non-resident landlord per quarter:                  £48.00  incl. VAT
               • NRL Annual Tax Return                                                                              £48.00 incl. VAT
               • Duplicate statements provided to the Landlord or his accountant  
                  for the statements covering all or part of the tax year.             £48.00 incl. VAT

Preparation of documentation for Court proceedings or TDS adjudication:     £120 incl. VAT per hour.
Plus the reasonable costs and expenses of George Webb Finn; photocopying at £0.10 per copy.

Attendance by George Webb Finn at Court or a tribunal on behalf of the Landlord:    £120 incl. VAT per hour
plus the reasonable costs and expenses of George Webb Finn.*

* An additional charge will be made for mileage costs charged at £0.45 pence per mile

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